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Zombies is a video game adaptation of the popular tile-based board game by Twilight Creations, publisher of the original game. The game was to be developed by Big Rooster for PlayStation Network, Xbox Live Arcade and Windows PCs through Steam.

No release date has been announced yet. Versions for the Wii and the Nintendo DS may also be released in future.


In Zombies, players race around the board trying to find a way to escape the ever-growing zombie horde. The game is said to be simple to play and extremely addictive. Big Rooster has announced that there will be a tile based board and many expansions in the works to keep the game fresh and new each time the user plays the game.

Developer NotesEdit

"Zombies is a perfect game for the Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Network," said Mr. Gerritsen. "We were surprised that no one had seen the huge potential in the Zombies!!! property."

"We are tremendously excited," said Twilight Creations' President Todd Breitenstein, adding, "This is a great opportunity for both of our companies. Zombies!!! is a great property and we really can't wait to share it with a much broader audience."


According to videogame news site Joystiq, Twilight Creations is now looking for another company to develop the game, but "cannot disclose the status of [former developer] Big Rooster."

This is apparently not the first time a game has been pulled from development because of problems with Big Rooster.

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