Winterheart's Guild is an Action role-playing game in development by Zelian Games. The game is based on the power metal band Sonata Arctica who provide the player characters and the soundtrack for the game.

The baseline specs are likely to be a reasonably fast CPU, 512MB of system memory and a 256MB PS2.0 graphics card. To get the most from the game you will need 1GB of system memory and a 512MB PS3.0 graphics card (all features set to maximum). There will be a separate Windows Vista / DX10 release, which will require DX10 hardware.


The game plays in the distant future, the world has been annihilated and has fallen into a nuclear winter. In the decimated population, several factions vie for power. The Free are a group of people who choose to live in peace and harmony, instead of joining the rising factions in their war. Winterheart's Guild was formed in an attempt to stop any faction from getting full control, and to lead the Free.

Pre-Release InformationEdit

  • It is confirmed the game will contain at least one new, unreleased Sonata Arctica song.
  • The game's release date is not yet confirmed, but a playable demo was shown at E3 2007.
  • The game's production has been halted due to Zelian Games diverting their efforts towards xOrbic which will form the foundation of Winterheart's Guild.


Some fans have been known to voice their objections, based on the following information, presently known about the game:

  • Development by a (supposedly) inexperienced studio, which has not released any games in the past.
  • Primitive graphics, which are thought to be inadequate for 2008, or even 1978 for that matter.
  • The fact that a screen goes red after a character is hit, as is visible on a video that can be found on an official site.
  • That the game has been in development for a long time with no visible progress in the last year.
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